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October 1, 2008

Why don’t you reconsider your precious security?
Are you sure that your privacy is safe?
Can you believe information is protected in your office?
Nowadays, PC, mobile phone and all sorts of security are under the threat of illegal access / hacking. What should you do if your PCs stop working, you lose your mobile phone or someone takes a peep at your information and steals it?
No need the previous password any more.
The ‘go3it’ is the most powerful security in the world now.
At the present time, it is difficult to handle digital data actually because of the artificial peep / steal, hacking from abroad, the disappearance of customers’ data for the bank etc. by the nature-disaster and the disappearance of system data. That is why there is no security system replaced ‘go3it’ that can do analog-control for digital data.

In Internet times, ‘firewall’ is one of the global standards as the system for the prevention of illegal access / hacking on PC level. The ‘firewall’ was developed as parts of military technology in Israel. But, Amiram Offir who was a member of the development team in Hebrew University was conscious of the fundamental limit of ‘firewall’, as a developer. He started to develop the new system eliminating Internet-criminals, immediately after the development of ‘firewall’. This is contrary to the idea of ‘firewall’. He established Safe-mail, Co. in1999. It is in Japan that he released the first public site of Safe-mail.
The reason he chose Japan was its advanced information-infrastructure, its progressive economy, non-military nation and Japanese character that is defenseless against the risk.

This epoch-making idea (go3it) is ultimate system that we don’t keep information in PC or the previous server.

Where can we keep it in?
The answer is Public Key Infrastructure. Once we enter Internet world, all information is encrypted and stored. Furthermore, the encryption method is changed automatically, so, even the developer cannot break it.
In other words, this is not a method that prevents someone entering the place stored information, but a method that puts information out of sight, in a sense.
What should we do if we have the personal code stolen?
Don’t worry. The owner can change the password again and again, anytime.
This system is not installing software in PC but using the service via Internet. It admits the members only and it is encrypted perfectly. This is ASP / SaaS type and the main current these days.

Regarding the membership, not everyone can be a member. A responsible membership card is issued on Net. It is essential that we should register as ‘citizens of the world’ on Net, because we need to cope with both the definition of a responsibility for what to speak and the freedom of speech for everyone.

Internet is new civilization. The wave has just started to move. As the size is so huge, we cannot know everything about it now.

Internet is still incomplete and the risk is known to only a part of the Net-experts, because the warning of the risk without the solution will cause a panic in the world.

Today, ‘Money’ is not ‘gold’ but ‘information’.
A long time ago, the U.S. dollars were guaranteed their values as they could be exchanged for gold in the big strong box kept by U.S. Government.
But, in August 15th, 1971, the exchange was stopped because of the Nixon Shock. Since then, the U.S. dollars have issued freely.
The Eurodollars worth 400trillion yen leave America and wander from place to place in the world in order to find an investment place now. They are not even paper money but just the numbers on the computer.
If a safebreaker entered the big strong box kept by U.S. Army, it would be doubtful that he could find gold worth even 100 billion yen, to say nothing of 400 trillion yen. The gold exists only in the virtual space.

As a result, it is terrible that information is stolen and operated.
Nowadays, it is said that the defense of the database and the server in Japan is lax. They are attacked by the expert hackers in South Korea and China. And, by a natural disaster that is not an artificial crime such as a peep or stealing, like an earthquake, all customer data would be lost and the system data would not be useful. (Regarding Niigata-earthquake, the PCs of a village office in Yamakoshi were overturned. Regarding big Hanshin-earthquake, the host computer of Hyogo Bank in Sannomiya was overturned. It weights over 60 tons.)

To prepare for big Kanto-earthquake, if a major financial institution made the equipment for back-up in the remote location at its expense, it would cost more 10 billion yen.
For the provision of the worst possible case, this cost isn’t worth it.

But digital data have been growing explosively. (For one year of 2006, data of 1610 G byte were created and reproduced all over the world). If we think 1M byte as 1 book and cover the land of Japan with books, the height will be about 2 meters. Until in 2010, it will be six times as high as this.
If information increases at a rate of this, it will be necessary to reconsider the security basically.

Up to now, we made complicated and difficult code in order to prevent the ‘enemy’ from invading, like building the deep moats and high walls around PC, the host computer and the server that stored information.
But, this method had a limit because the man-made question was solved by human. As the raw data were saved in the server, it would be over when someone hacked into the server and damaged it. In addition, we would have no idea if the password was stolen by someone.

That is why the problem of the security has big equipment and advanced infrastructure such as a lot of security guards and the personal complicated identification-systems. The security was regarded as the monopoly business for a special security company. For this structure, it needed a large amount of investment.

Now, ‘go3it’ is the strongest security in the world.
The development-cost is much smaller than before, as the previous one needed 10 billion yen.

In order to spread ‘go3it’ over Japan, we needed to wait for the spread of Internet for the general companies, the change of the consciousness for risk-management and the materialization of business advantage by the spread of ASP software.

Today, in Japan, various legal controls are advanced, such as the Personal Data Protection Act, the SOX Law of Japanese edition and the encouragement for the privacy mark. But, in the case of losing the mobile phone or stopping working PC, we don’t know what to do for the phone numbers in the mobile phone or the documents in the PC. We haven’t reached to make full use of them safely, in a flood of information that is increasing rapidly day by day.

Furthermore, most Japanese people don’t know even the risk that the information in their mobile phone or PC can be peeped and stolen.

We cannot ask easily them for the idea of spending money for protecting themselves to be prepared for the worst in Japan.

Accordingly, I would like to realize the high level democratic and information-oriented society in Japan earlier than other countries. The society can direct a concrete business advantage of a membership system and shut out a Net crime at the same time. It can also maintain both the private freedom and the self-realization on a high revel.

Environmental Media Communicator
Masami Nishiko

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