Non-anonymity Network

Eradicating informative leakage→
Nothing of Informative leakage


In go3it we are aiming “visualization (understanding with 6 senses) of mutual communicating performance

  For example

  • The message was sent to 10 persons and among them 7 persons read it, but other 3 persons had not opened the message. Let’s have contact with them by other method.
  • We want to discuss about the plan for new products by using “Safe case”. First we insert 3 names of Kyushu branch, main office and Hokkaido branch in the safe case for the plan for new products, then we can examine same materials by telephoning as all can view them in safe case. The file of materials submitted can be simultaneously opened when telephoning. 
go3it can dispatch/receive any message without anxiety because of our sincere communicating attitude to use real name with one’s picture as identification.
Without anonymity, but with the picture with certification in network by using go3it, information can be correctly dispatched/received.
In case of communication for many people, go3it is very useful.

■Safety without anxiety in transmitting information, keeping and utilizing

  1. Communicating by crammer (Juku), Perusing necessary materials
  2. Communicating by Cultural center, Perusing necessary materials
  3. Communicating by Club and sport Gym, Keeping personal materials
  4. Perusing necessary materials and Keeping by Studying group, project team of enterprises
  5. Communicating, perusing necessary materials and keeping, for exchanging opinions by NPO, each group and so on.
  6. Communicating, perusing necessary materials, for exchanging opinions by the group having membership.
  7. Others.

General user
go3it user
go3it network
Dispatcher and receiver of information feel relieved more by ID(certification with facial picture)
Can make communication very actively with virtual PC


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